For April Fools, The OCD Agency did a full rebrand in a day into a fish and chips company!
Here's what we put out to the social media followers:
"After a year of being battered by 2020, we feel it’s time for a change of scene, and have decided to rebranded as Cod & Chips, a London based chippy that’s designed with you in mind.

We will now be pursuing a long-term goal of culinary excellence whilst revolutionising the fish and chip experience forever. 
Our chips are locally sourced, giving them that real London taste. The fish are caught in the Thames and battered in local Bromley by Bow Brewery craft ale ‘Brahms & Liszt’.

Check out our menu to have a butchers at our full range.
Keep 'em peeled, this will be the plaice to be this summer!  "

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